Black Bean Carrot Cookies


Sounds disgusting right? Well in truth these are no chocolate laden Millie’s cookies but they are pu – rrity tasty and are great for sneaking some extra veg into your smalls (NB that is slang for children, I do not think you should be shoving carrots down your knickers!!!!). Children are pretty easy to fool  – if you act like these are a big treat then hopefully they will believe you. There is also the bonus that the flecks of black beans can look like chocolate chips (am I clutching at straws here…..?) . If these are a bit too ‘clean’ for your tastes you can always substitute the coconut oil for proper butter, add a bit of sugar or throw in some actual chocolate chips.

When I was breastfeeding Sonny I had to cut out all dairy from my diet and was constantly flummoxed as to what to eat. I found the Deliciously Ella blog great  – I was quite sceptical but actually the majority of her things taste amazing. I have incorporated a lot of her ideas into everyday cooking even though I am now back on the dairy (in bucketloads…..)


1.5 tins of black beans (Drained)

1 mug of oats

2 tablespoons coconut oil

1 carrot grated

1 pear (or apple) grated

1 Banana

2 tablespoons Maple Syrup

1 tsp Mixed Spice.

These are so easy to make – blend the beans, oil, banana and syrup together in a bowl then stir in the oats, spice, carrot and pear. Dollop onto a non stick or greased baking tray and bake on gas mark 5 for about 30 minutes or until golden.  I sometimes sandwich them together with cashew or almond butter.

I would love to hear what you think of these!

I am sorry I haven’t posted on here  in the last couple of weeks, Poor Sonny has been teething, had an ear infection and a virus. I actually feel like Widow Twanky, I have never done so much laundry in my life.

Have a wonderful week.



10 Handy Uses for Coconut Oil (For you and the Kids)

Coconut oil

I work my way through huge amounts of coconut oil – yes it is quite expensive and is having a bit of a ‘moment’ but don’t be put off .It has multiple uses and works out cheaper than purchasing loads of different products. I always have 2 pots on the go – one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen (you can often get them on offer from certain stores if you are buying two). Here are some things I use mine for;

  • Hair conditioner. Stick some through the ends of your hair and leave for a couple of hours (don’t go out though you will look greasy!) or overnight – wash out in the morning – voila – silky smooth tresses with no chemicals!
  • Nappy cream – I used loads of it on Sonny’s bum when he was in the throes of his milk allergy and pooed about 20 times a day. He very rarely got Nappy rash and I am convinced this is why. I still carry around a mini pot of it in the Nappy bag now.
  • Oil pulling – this sounds absolutely gross and does take a bit of getting used to but it does seem to work. You are basically supposed to swish a tablespoon of coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes before brushing once a day. I never make it to 20 minutes (probably 10)and only use a dessert spoon but it still seems to do the trick (it is meant to pull all the bacteria out of your mouth and also whiten teeth). Don’t spit down the plug as it will block the drain!
  • When I was pregnant and ran out of my stretch mark oil I would use it as a body oil (and still do rub it in when in the shower sometimes as a body moisturizer )
  • Until last month I didn’t use any soaps or shampoos on Sonny – I literally would rub a little coconut oil onto his scalp then rinse off and pop a little on a flannel and rub it over his body. This did the trick just fine and as far as I’m aware he didn’t smell (other than of coconuts) and has lovely soft skin.
  • Make up remover. Every evening I massage it into my face then use my clarisonic face brush followed by a wipe with a hot flannel– it gets all make up (including mascara) off. I have greasy skin but I very rarely get spots after starting this routine.
  • Cooking – if you don’t mind the taste of coconut you can use the oil for frying, baking in place of butter, spreading on toast , stirring into coffee – the list is endless.
  • Coconut oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Gross but it works on athletes foot and soothes sunburn and chapped nipples.
  • Cradle cap – massage coconut oil onto your babies scalp then scrub gently with a hairbrush – it works a treat.
  • Hand Cream – If you have or work with children you will wash your hands A LOT. I am generally pretty rubbish at applying hand cream. As a result my hands have started to resemble chickens feet, this has improved ever so slightly by me rubbing Sonny’s coconut oil in my hands after I change his Nappy. It sinks in quite quickly so you don’t end up with slippy paws.

There are tons of other uses for this wonder product, I’m not getting paid to promote anything here but I truly love it and find it indispensable. I’m sure there will be recipes featuring coconut oil on here in due course.

FYI – It is always worth doing a little patch test on your child’s skin prior to using in case of allergy.

Have a great weekend xx


One Tomato Sauce


As promised here is the first of our recipes by the wonderful chef Juliet Cain. Juliet specialises in family cooking and has been working closely with Mortimer Nannies for years, teaching our Nannies to be more creative in the kitchen. This recipe is super useful and easy peasy to remember  – it is called ‘one’ tomato sauce as there is one of everything in the ingredients list.

Over to you Juliet…….

One Tomato Sauce

“I thought I would share this terrfic tomato sauce recipe as I love it for so many reasons. I have made this in so many disguises for my baby clients and they have always enjoyed it. Here we are in September and there is a glut of gorgeous tomatoes. It’s a great one for “hiding” vegetables if your little people (or perhaps your grown ups) won’t eat them! Very easy to make and also batch cook to freeze in portions. There are so many ways to chop and change this creation into something completley different (I have included a few) and it can be adapted for the grown ups too so no cooking seperate recipes for the whole family. Last but not least it’s tasty and nutritious. I suggest you google Lycopene and cooked tomatoes!

Happy cooking! xx”

Here it is…


1 tablespoon olive oil

1 onion chopped

1 carrot grated

1 stick celery chopped

1 clove garlic

1 tin chopped tomatoes or around 400g fresh tomatoes chopped

1 tablespoon tomato puree

100ml vegetable stock (no salt)

One dash of balsamic vinegar


This will make enough for 4 generous portions for your child

This will keep in the fridge safely for 2 days and also freezes well


Gather all the ingredients and prepare.

Heat the oil over a medim heat in a saucepan.

Add the onion, celery, carrot and garlic to the oil and cook gently stirring now and then so that the

vegetables don’t brown but until the onions have turned translucent and soft – about 10 minutes.

Add the tomatoes, tomato paste, stock and vinegar. Give the sauce a good stir. Cover the pan with a lid and

simmer on a low heat for around 30 minutes. Check and stir during the cooking time. If it seems too dry or

starts to catch add a little water.

Blend with a hand blender, liquidiser or food processer and the result will be a super smooth sauce

Great served with pasta. Add some protein – fish, minced beef, chicken or lentils. Excellent mixed with

roasted vegetables.

Variations for introducing some new flavours

Add fresh or dried herbs – perhaps basil or oregano

Add a teaspoon of mild curry powder with the tomatoes

Add a couple of tablespoons of cream at the end of the cooking process

Variations for the grown ups!

May sound obvious but season well with salt and ground black pepper!

Add some chillis and extra garlic and you’re on your way to creating a chilli-con-carne or a veggie chilli.

To turn into a grown up curry sauce add some fresh grated ginger, garlic, ground cumin, turmeric,

ground coriander and cayenne pepper with the vegetables and simmer together with the tomatoes.

Add some cooked chicken perhaps?


Sugar Free Cake

cakeIf you read my last weaning post you may remember me mentioning I was going to introduce Sonny to egg gradually by making a sugar free cake. He was fine and is now chomping scrambled and mashed hard boiled eggs like a little protein guzzling muscle head.

The cake was a huge success (both with Sonny and my other half)  so I thought I would include the recipe here. I have adapted a tea loaf recipe that my mum used to make us as kids. I also used to make it a lot for families when I was a Nanny (although I kept the fruit whole and the sugar in). The original recipe contained only sultanas but I have included apricots and dates in this also.


500g of dried fruit ( I used a mixture of organic apricots, dates and sultanas)

375 ml of warm tea (as this is for kids I used organic rooibos which is caffeine free – you could also use camomile or even apple juice)

250 gr self raising flour

1 egg lightly beaten.

(The original recipe also included 175 g soft brown sugar but I think it is sweet enough)


Empty your fruit into a bowl with the tea – cover and leave to soak overnight. If using as a finger food for babies then blend the fruit in the morning. If for older ones then don’t bother. Add the lightly beaten egg and sift in the flour. Plonk the mixture in a greased and lined loaf tin and bake in the oven at 375/176/Gas mark 4 for 1 hour 30 – 45 mins. You can serve this on its own or spread with butter.

Easy Peasy – Enjoy xxx


Weaning Part 2

As we started weaning early we don’t necessarily move onto anything ‘hardcore’ during this month, towards the end of the month I started introducing some Gluten free porridge (which I blitzed in water beforehand with the blender then cooked with breastmilk), but other than that we just stuck to organic fruit, veg and baby rice. We also started introducing a 3rd meal (lunch) towards the end of the month. When I say ‘meal’ I am not meaning a 3 course slap up feast, more like 2 or 3 spoonfuls. Again I found Ella’s kitchen products indispensable for when we were out and about or a bit pushed for time.

I really noticed that Sonny was starting to enjoy his food and was beginning to make a chewing motion with his mouth – I would gradually increase the consistency of his baby rice through the month to encourage this. Some tastes he would be unsure of and would actually refuse to open his mouth and bat the spoon away. We would then just leave it and try the same food at the next ‘meal’ time. It is worth persevering as apparently babies need to try new tastes at least 15 times before they decide whether they like them or not (although Sonny made his mind up pretty quickly that he liked Avocado, Pear and peaches!).

Sonny was still taking his 4 bottles of milk a day at this stage. We would have our first ‘meal’ after the first milk, lunch around 11.30 after his second milk and dinner around 5pm between milk feeds.

Day 31

AM – Carrot and Potato

PM – Pear and Rice

Day 32

AM – Carrot and Potato

PM – Pear and Rice (*Poos are tending to be bright orange after carrot)

Day 33

AM – Parsnip and Potato (Didn’t eat much)

PM – Avocado

Day 34

AM Parsnip and Rice

PM – Avocado

Day 35

AM Parsnip (loved the parsnip this morning)

PM Rice and Pear

Day 36

AM -Peach, Pear and Rice

PM-  Parsnip, Courgette and Rice

Day 37

AM-  Parsnip and Courgette (didn’t eat much)

PM –  Peaches and baby rice

Day 38

AM  – Avocado

PM –  Parsnip. Peaches and Rice

Day 39

AM –  Butternut squash and Parsnip

PM –  Banana, Peaches and Rice

Day 40

AM –  Butternut Squash (not keen)

PM –  Banana Peaches and Rice

Day 41

AM  – Butternut squash (again closed mouth – not keen)

LUNCH – Parsnip

PM – Rice, Pear and Peaches

Day 42

AM –  Parsnip (not too keen this morn)

LUNCH – Blended gluten free oats, breastmilk, peaches and pear (bit unsure of texture)

PM – Butternut squash and rice

Day 43

AM –  Porridge (as above)

LUNCH – Carrot, courgette and Potato

PM – Rice and Pear

Day 44

AM  – Porridge (didn’t have much)

LUNCH – Pear, Peach and baby rice

PM – Avocado

Day 45

AM –  Porridge and banana

LUNCH – Sweet potato, carrot and broccoli (hated this !!)

PM – Tried above again (no joy) so had Pear, Peach and rice (uh oh – I hope not developing a sweet tooth)

Day 46

AM  – Broccoli, Carrot and sweet potato (seems to be warming to it a little)

LUNCH – Avocado

PM – Rice and Pear

Day 47

AM  – Porridge, Banana and pear

LUNCH – Broccoli, Carrot and sweet potato

PM – Rice and pear

Day 48

AM –  Broccoli, Parsnip and Sweet Potato

LUNCH – Carrot Pear and peas

PM – Rice Banana and Pear

Day 49

AM  – Butternut squash and rice

LUNCH – Ella’s Peas (loved)

PM – Pear and Rice

Day 50

AM  – Oatmeal and Pear

LUNCH – Peas

PM – Broccoli, Peas, pear and rice

Day 51

AM –  Peaches, banana and rice

LUNCH – Peas

PM – Mango, peaches, banana and rice

Day 52

AM –  Porridge and Mango (quite refluxy/sick after – mangos???)

LUNCH – Parsnip

PM- Peas, Courgette and Rice

Day 53

AM  – Rice, Peaches and Pears

LUNCH – Courgette, peas and potato

PM – Avocado

Day 54 – AM Rice, peaches and pear (ate loads!)

LUNCH – Carrots, potato and Peas

PM – Green beans and rice

Day 55

AM –  Pear and rice

LUNCH – Green beans, potato and peas

PM – Sweet potato, carrot

Day 56

AM –  Pear and rice

LUNCH – Avocado

PM – Courgette and rice

Day 57

AM  – Banana, Apricot and rice

LUNCH – Carrot, peas and pear

PM- Avocado and rice

Day 58

AM –  Rice, banana and apricot

LUNCH – Broccoli, Peas and pear

PM – Carrots, broccoli, peas pear and rice

Day 59

AM – Porridge with banana and pear

LUNCH – Green beans and rice

PM – Avocado blended with milk

Day 60

AM –  Rice, pear and peach

LUNCH – Squash and parsnip

PM – Avocado