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You can’t escape it, from the day you announce your pregnancy, a constant stream of advice, mostly well meaning, often patronising and occasional bullshit.

In all probability you will have complete strangers patting your bump (yuk), commenting on what you eat, how fat you are, how well/tired/shitty you look and generally bombarding you with shoulds and shouldn’ts for the whole 9 months. When your bundle of joy arrives brace yourself as it only gets worse.

Because you have produced and care for a small human – guess what? That makes you fair game for all manner of ‘advice’. Anyone who has also popped out a baby at some point in their life (whether that be the 1900s or last week)will be an expert and you, my friend, know nothing.

To be fair, most of this will come from a place of love. I know I have been guilty of sounding off in the past. I am sure my friends will have wanted to claw my eyes out for doling out Nanny advice then going home to my childless 10 hours of sleep and big fat glass of wine.

What I didn’t understand before having a baby was the sheer over whelmingness (I don’t think that is an actual word )of it all. I thought I knew everything about raising a child but during those early days I received so much conflicting advice, opinion and general white noise that I found I was constantly doubting myself. I focussed far too much on what other people were saying I ‘should’ be doing and less on actually tuning into my instinct and enjoying my baby. Having google close to hand only made things worse.

As a new mum you often feel like you have been hit by a truck anyway, self-esteem can take a knock and sleepless nights plus loss of identity/your old self can totally make you question every decision you make. All you really need is someone to make you a cuppa, give you a hug and tell you what an amazing job you are doing – because believe me you are.

To highlight the amount of conflicting advice I was given I thought I would make a list of some of the gems I listened to in the early days……

“You can never overfeed a baby “

“You are overfeeding your baby” (both health professionals)

“Don’t tickle your babies feet – it will give him a stammer” (?!?!)

“If you let your baby cry it will affect his emotional development”

“You pick your baby up to much – he is getting spoilt”

“Dummies will affect his speech and make his teeth grow funny”

“You should give him a dummy it will soothe his reflux”

“Don’t let him fall asleep with his dummy; he will end up with a sleep disorder”

“Dummies while sleeping can help prevent SIDS”

“Breastmilk is causing him problems you should give him formula”

“Mixed feeding is bad; he will never go back on the breast.”

“Formula is bad, he will get overweight”

“He should be sleeping through the night by now”

“He’s sleeping through the night? He is far too young to drop night feeds”

“Shouldn’t he be smiling/sitting up/ crawling by now?”

“Shouldn’t he be having gripe water/infacol/calpol?”

“Babies don’t need so much sleep”

“He is overtired”

And I could go on and on and on and could easily fill 10 blogs with this stuff.

If I could go back in time ( and I know it is easy to say now I have come out of the sleep deprived hormonal stage)I would tell myself to drown out the white noise, lock the iPhone away, and just try and tune in and listen to my instincts. Enjoy your tiny human – you are not going to get that time back and it goes so quickly. You are his/her Mother, you know best and you are doing the best job ever – choose your own ‘parenting style’ (I hate that expression) not one from a book and your decisions are bound to be the right ones. We are all in the same boat, muddling along and doing our best – if that is fine for our little humans and they are happy and healthy then that (and not what Mabel up the road says) is all that matters xx


Sugar Free Cake

cakeIf you read my last weaning post you may remember me mentioning I was going to introduce Sonny to egg gradually by making a sugar free cake. He was fine and is now chomping scrambled and mashed hard boiled eggs like a little protein guzzling muscle head.

The cake was a huge success (both with Sonny and my other half)  so I thought I would include the recipe here. I have adapted a tea loaf recipe that my mum used to make us as kids. I also used to make it a lot for families when I was a Nanny (although I kept the fruit whole and the sugar in). The original recipe contained only sultanas but I have included apricots and dates in this also.


500g of dried fruit ( I used a mixture of organic apricots, dates and sultanas)

375 ml of warm tea (as this is for kids I used organic rooibos which is caffeine free – you could also use camomile or even apple juice)

250 gr self raising flour

1 egg lightly beaten.

(The original recipe also included 175 g soft brown sugar but I think it is sweet enough)


Empty your fruit into a bowl with the tea – cover and leave to soak overnight. If using as a finger food for babies then blend the fruit in the morning. If for older ones then don’t bother. Add the lightly beaten egg and sift in the flour. Plonk the mixture in a greased and lined loaf tin and bake in the oven at 375/176/Gas mark 4 for 1 hour 30 – 45 mins. You can serve this on its own or spread with butter.

Easy Peasy – Enjoy xxx


Weaning Part 3.

IMG_0347So this will be my final ‘weaning’ post – I know they don’t make for hugely exciting reading but hopefully someone might find them useful!  During these 40 days I pretty much introduced all the hard-core stuff (ie meat, pasta etc) and unfortunately the nappies became hard core too. (I defy you not to gag on the smell of your babies first meaty turd) .

I still haven’t introduced egg – I don’t know why but I’m a bit scared that Sonny will be allergic, I have no idea where this fear has come from and yet again my Nanny self would have wanted to slap me! Anyway I am going to grow a pair and make a sugar free cake tomorrow (whoop whoop my life is so wild) , so will feed him some (with piritin on standby) and let you know how it goes!

We had a few grade A spews this month, mainly because Sonny took a while to get used to texture and would gag. This is quite normal, but even more so with reflux babies. As soon as Sonny gagged on a lump he would projectile a load of his food out. It’s important not to look worried or scared as you may scare them, just clean them up and continue,maybe leave the textures for a couple of days then try again.

I am still steering away from tomatoes, apples etc – anything slightly acidic seems to bring on a reflux attack that can last days. You will notice at the end of the post I start to introduce more finger foods – bits of soft fruit or Organix carrot Puffs seemed to go down the best!

Day 60.

AM – Rice, Pear and Peach

Lunch – Lentils and Parsnip (gagged and threw up)

PM – Banana and Peach with rice

Day 61

Oatmeal and Pear

Lentils and Squash (pureed this time)


Day 62


Carrot Peas and Pear

Peach, Banana and Rice

Day 63

Peach, Banana and Rice

Green Beans

Pear and Rice

Day 64

Apricots Banana and Rice

Baby sweetcorn and peas

Pear and Rice

Day 65

Apricot, Banana and Rice

Baby sweetcorn and Rice


Day 66

Peaches and Rice

Peas Pear and Broccoli

Rice and Banana

Day 67


Chickpeas, Sweet Potato, Sweetcorn

Peaches and Rice

Day 68

Peas, Pear and Broccoli

Chickpeas, Sweet potato and sweetcorn (not v.keen)

Tried again with chickpeas (hit the spoon away!), had peaches, banana and rice.

Day 69

Tried Chickpeas again (no luck)

Peach, Banana and Rice

Avocado and Lentil

Day 70

Plums, Pear, Parsnip and Swede

Sweet potato, Broccoli and Peas

Avocado, Sweetcorn and Chickpea

Day 71

Plums, Pear, Parsnip, Swede and Rice

Carrot Peas and Pear

Sweetcorn and Lentils (didn’t like)

Avocado with lumps (massive spew)

Peach and Rice

Day 72

Decided to leave the plums (seems to reflux more afterwards)

Rice Banana and Peach

Lentils, Courgette and Avocado

Rice and Pear

Day 73


Chickpea, Courgette, Carrot

Rice, Banana, Peach

Day 74

Ella’s Banana Porridge

Lentils, Carrot, Peas and Pear

Avocado, Courgette and Potatoe

Day 75

Ella’s Banana Porridge (gags a little on texture)

Lentils, Broccoli, Peas and Pear

Avocado and Courgette

Day 76

Banana Porridge

Butter Beans, Courgette, Carrot and Potato

Peaches and Rice

Day 77

Avocado and Lentils

Sweet potato, Broccoli and Peas

Pear, Peach and Rice

Day 78


Chicken, Carrot and Sweet Potato

Peach and Banana

Day 79


Chicken, Carrot, Sweet Pot, Avocado

Apricots, Banana and Rice

Day 80

Porridge and mashed banana

Chicken, Carrot, Parsnip and Spaghetti

Rice pudding, Pear and Peach

Day 81


Ellas Chicken Casserole (didn’t eat much)

Same for dinner (then had bad tum at night)

Day 82


Ella’s Morrocan Chicken

Rice Pudding, Pear and Peach

Day 83


Chickpea, Sweet Pot and Sweetcorn Mash

Greenbeans and Pasta. Rice Pudding, Peach and Pear

Day 84


Ella’s Chicken Dinner

Rice, Carrots, Broccoli, Sweet Pot (Didn’t eat much) Pears and Peaches

Day 85


Cod, Potato, Peas. Peach and Banana

Chicken, Potato and Avocado

Day 86


Same as above minus pud

Avocado, Rice Pud, Peach and Banana

Day 87


Chicken, Potatoes and Peas

Sweet pot, Carrot and Broccoli

Rice Pud and Pear

Day 88

Porridge and Pear

Lentils, Sweet Pot, Carrot and Broccoli

Avocado and Pasta

Day 89

Porridge and Peach

Ella’s Lamb Dinner

Rice, Lentils, Broccoli, Peas and Pear

Day 90


Ella’s Lamb Dinner

Chicken, Carrots and rice

Day 91

Porridge, Peach and Banana


Lentils, Courgette, Squash, Broccoli, Pasta

Day 92


Chicken and Carrots (puked –  a bit too thick)

Potato, Squash, Broccoli, Courgette


Day 93


Lamb mince, Squash, Pasta

Rice and Watermelon

Day 94


Chicken and potato with carrots and peas


Rice pudding with peach and banana

Day 95


Salmon, Peas and Potatoes

Pasta, Peas and Avocado

Day 96


Lamb mince, Squash, Pasta

Salmon, Peas and Pots

Day 97


Carrot puff (organix crisps) Lamb Dinner

Chickpea, sweet potato and avocado. Carrot puff

Pear and Peach

Day 98

Porridge, Peach and banana

Beef Stew with carrot, potato,sweet pot and peas.

Chickpea, sweet potato and sweetcorn, carrot puffs.

Piece of pear. Peach and Banana

Day 99

Porridge, Banana and Pear

Chicken, Carrots, Broccoli and peas

Carrot puffs, Rice pudding, apricot and Banana. Organix banana biscuit.

Day 100


Beef stew with broccoli, carrots and potatoes.

Lentils,courgette and parsnip with pasta. Carrot puffs, Pear and banana pieces.

I will hopefully be including a few basic recipes every month from now on. Chef Juliet Cain will also be contributing a recipe once a month. I can’t wait as she is a super duper chef and has been teaching our Nanny Cookery classes at Mortimer HQ for the last 3 years!

Have a great week xx


Surviving Festivals.

So as promised here is my post on surviving festivals with a baby – I am chuckling to myself as whether I survived is up for debate (see photos below – as you can see the weather was not on our side ) and I still feel like I am recovering!

photo 5            photo 2

1 – My first and most important tip would be – make sure the person you are going with is a festival person – we can safely say my other half is not and this made the first part of the festival stressful to say the least. By the end he had settled down a bit but really? One baby is enough to worry about! (Hopefully he won’t read this as he now thinks he had an amazing time and is a convert) In all seriousness he did enjoy himself after the first day or so and embraced the muddiness – we love camping and always have. Leave the precious people behind – even if you are glamping there WILL be mud, and limited showers!

2 – Pack for all weathers – even if it is boiling hot in the day chances are you will freeze at night, I bought a long sleeved sleeping bag from JoJomamanbebe (bought off eBay – bargain) – it has detachable sleeves and also has a hole between the legs so baby can wear it in the car seat/pram when travelling.

3 – I don’t know if this is a tip or not as Sonny just wouldn’t settle in his (completely my fault as I left it to the last minute so he didn’t get chance to get used to it – he seemed to think it was a play tent and went bonkers / wide awake as soon as we put him in it!) Buy a pop up travel cot – koo di make a good one – again I got mine from Ebay – it has incorporated black out blinds although these don’t make it very dark!

photo 4

4 – Take a bucket/tub – for baths – you meanwhile can expect to stink!

5- If you are bottle feeding take a large Tupperware pot and some Milton tablets for easy sterilising on the go. The bottles are sterile in the solution for 24 hours so you can just pop them in and out as you wish. Even if you are not bottle feeding this is handy for bowls/spoons/dummies etc.

6- Expect to chuck the routine out the window if you have one. A festival is not for the Gina Ford disciple – you can however maintain a loose routine – keep feeds, naps and baths within a half hour each side time scale and things shouldn’t go too far off kilter. If they do – don’t beat yourself up – this is one weekend out of 52 – what fun is life if you don’t have some spontaneity?!. You can always get things back on track when you get home!

7 – Expect noise – no escaping it I’m afraid – festivals are noisy places. Even if you bag a quiet spot there will be other babies crying and it will be noisier than home. Again try to go with it, if you were there without children chances are you would have broken sleep anyway! Sonny didn’t sleep so well – he was fine for the first part of the night and would sleep in his pushchair like a dream , no matter how noisy it was out and about– it was when we transferred him to bed that things got difficult. I ended up with him sleeping on me (my Nanny self would have been horrified) but you know what? It worked and since we have been home he has gone back to his own bed no problems.

8 – Buy some kids ear defenders – if you are planning to spend a lot of time by the main stage (even if you are set back a bit) there will be lots of bass which can affect small ears

9 – Expect to be converted! However daunting it sounds – when you get to the festival wherever it may be you will see all manner of families out and about enjoying themselves. From huge big families to couples with teeny weeny week old babies and they all survive and have a great time. When Sonny didn’t sleep too well at night and I was thinking to myself that the day would be hellish, he really surprised me and was on top form. He absolutely loved all the things going on, staring at the flags and bunting, listening to the music and watching the other children. Since we have been home I think he is actually quite bored of my company!

10) Enjoy! There are so many things for kids at festivals these days and lots of it is free. Really embrace it and let your little one get into the festival spirit, trying things they wouldn’t necessarily do at home. I got so many ‘tuts’ from disapproving people when I would mention we were going, but you know best and if you think your family will enjoy the experience then go for it!!

photo 1

Have fun – I would love to hear your stories – good or bad!



Treasure Baskets


I promise I am not going to fill this blog with complex elaborate activities as I know you don’t have the time or the inclination and frankly neither do I! I did loads of super duper Blue Peter worthy arts and crafts when I was a Nanny and learnt that actually kids are more happy doing the simple things. They will be happy to be spending time with you so chill out and don’t go getting stressed out (I once witnessed a Dad channelling his inner Gaudi and trying to build a cathedral out of toilets rolls, the child had long since lost interest).

Anyway this is not technically crafty but I guess it is an activity of sorts.

The treasure basket concept was inspired by Elinor Goldschmeid and is a simple idea focussing baby’s attention away from plastic (which offers little sensory stimulation). Babies tend to learn by engaging their senses and a treasure basket is a great way to nurture and encourage their curiosity. It really is a cheap and simple thing to do with your baby. I find it so sweet watching Sonny rummage through his basket. He actually now gets super excited when he sees it coming out and will sit, play and explore for a good 30 minutes before getting bored. His favourite 2 items are the loofah and ribbon. I know it’s pretty obvious so please forgive the government warning but it’s important to stay close to your baby whilst they are playing with the basket to avoid choking, entanglement etc. Anyway, patronizing advice over here is what our treasure basket contains;

2 pine cones (1 large, 1 small)

Large spool of ribbon

Wooden spoon


Double sided wooden nail brush/ pumice stone

Wooden blocks


Furry pencil case

We have had this for a few weeks now so I will probably mix things up a bit (wow how wild am I ?!) soon.

Use your imagination and include a good selection of household/everyday items with a range of textures, sizes and shapes.

Some ideas include;

Feathers, Sponge, Bottle Brush, PomPoms, Leather, seashells, keys and different fabrics. If you have any ideas to share with me I would love to hear them!

Happy treasuring xx


Weaning Part 2

As we started weaning early we don’t necessarily move onto anything ‘hardcore’ during this month, towards the end of the month I started introducing some Gluten free porridge (which I blitzed in water beforehand with the blender then cooked with breastmilk), but other than that we just stuck to organic fruit, veg and baby rice. We also started introducing a 3rd meal (lunch) towards the end of the month. When I say ‘meal’ I am not meaning a 3 course slap up feast, more like 2 or 3 spoonfuls. Again I found Ella’s kitchen products indispensable for when we were out and about or a bit pushed for time.

I really noticed that Sonny was starting to enjoy his food and was beginning to make a chewing motion with his mouth – I would gradually increase the consistency of his baby rice through the month to encourage this. Some tastes he would be unsure of and would actually refuse to open his mouth and bat the spoon away. We would then just leave it and try the same food at the next ‘meal’ time. It is worth persevering as apparently babies need to try new tastes at least 15 times before they decide whether they like them or not (although Sonny made his mind up pretty quickly that he liked Avocado, Pear and peaches!).

Sonny was still taking his 4 bottles of milk a day at this stage. We would have our first ‘meal’ after the first milk, lunch around 11.30 after his second milk and dinner around 5pm between milk feeds.

Day 31

AM – Carrot and Potato

PM – Pear and Rice

Day 32

AM – Carrot and Potato

PM – Pear and Rice (*Poos are tending to be bright orange after carrot)

Day 33

AM – Parsnip and Potato (Didn’t eat much)

PM – Avocado

Day 34

AM Parsnip and Rice

PM – Avocado

Day 35

AM Parsnip (loved the parsnip this morning)

PM Rice and Pear

Day 36

AM -Peach, Pear and Rice

PM-  Parsnip, Courgette and Rice

Day 37

AM-  Parsnip and Courgette (didn’t eat much)

PM –  Peaches and baby rice

Day 38

AM  – Avocado

PM –  Parsnip. Peaches and Rice

Day 39

AM –  Butternut squash and Parsnip

PM –  Banana, Peaches and Rice

Day 40

AM –  Butternut Squash (not keen)

PM –  Banana Peaches and Rice

Day 41

AM  – Butternut squash (again closed mouth – not keen)

LUNCH – Parsnip

PM – Rice, Pear and Peaches

Day 42

AM –  Parsnip (not too keen this morn)

LUNCH – Blended gluten free oats, breastmilk, peaches and pear (bit unsure of texture)

PM – Butternut squash and rice

Day 43

AM –  Porridge (as above)

LUNCH – Carrot, courgette and Potato

PM – Rice and Pear

Day 44

AM  – Porridge (didn’t have much)

LUNCH – Pear, Peach and baby rice

PM – Avocado

Day 45

AM –  Porridge and banana

LUNCH – Sweet potato, carrot and broccoli (hated this !!)

PM – Tried above again (no joy) so had Pear, Peach and rice (uh oh – I hope not developing a sweet tooth)

Day 46

AM  – Broccoli, Carrot and sweet potato (seems to be warming to it a little)

LUNCH – Avocado

PM – Rice and Pear

Day 47

AM  – Porridge, Banana and pear

LUNCH – Broccoli, Carrot and sweet potato

PM – Rice and pear

Day 48

AM –  Broccoli, Parsnip and Sweet Potato

LUNCH – Carrot Pear and peas

PM – Rice Banana and Pear

Day 49

AM  – Butternut squash and rice

LUNCH – Ella’s Peas (loved)

PM – Pear and Rice

Day 50

AM  – Oatmeal and Pear

LUNCH – Peas

PM – Broccoli, Peas, pear and rice

Day 51

AM –  Peaches, banana and rice

LUNCH – Peas

PM – Mango, peaches, banana and rice

Day 52

AM –  Porridge and Mango (quite refluxy/sick after – mangos???)

LUNCH – Parsnip

PM- Peas, Courgette and Rice

Day 53

AM  – Rice, Peaches and Pears

LUNCH – Courgette, peas and potato

PM – Avocado

Day 54 – AM Rice, peaches and pear (ate loads!)

LUNCH – Carrots, potato and Peas

PM – Green beans and rice

Day 55

AM –  Pear and rice

LUNCH – Green beans, potato and peas

PM – Sweet potato, carrot

Day 56

AM –  Pear and rice

LUNCH – Avocado

PM – Courgette and rice

Day 57

AM  – Banana, Apricot and rice

LUNCH – Carrot, peas and pear

PM- Avocado and rice

Day 58

AM –  Rice, banana and apricot

LUNCH – Broccoli, Peas and pear

PM – Carrots, broccoli, peas pear and rice

Day 59

AM – Porridge with banana and pear

LUNCH – Green beans and rice

PM – Avocado blended with milk

Day 60

AM –  Rice, pear and peach

LUNCH – Squash and parsnip

PM – Avocado


Four Fab Family Festivals!


Watching Glastonbury (safely warm and cosy on the sofa in my PJs) I was inspired to write a blog on surviving festival season with the kids. But since I haven’t actually yet attended any festivals with my own child I thought it may be a wise decision to wait until afterwards (if I do indeed survive) Watch this space!

If you were a seasoned festival goer before having kids and are convinced that part of your life is well and truly gone then think again! These days there are plenty of family friendly festivals that don’t compromise on content so you can attend as a family whilst still enjoying some crazy time.

If you are worried about toilets and cleanliness then don’t despair. Yes, the loos can get a bit stinky at the end of each day but they are emptied and cleaned regularly and there are generally lots of toilets and showers onsite at each of the below festivals. Gone are the days when you had to climb over a mountain of poo by day 2 to do your business, festivals these days – especially the ‘posh’ ones take real pride in looking after their punters. All four of the festivals below offer a ‘Boutique’ Camping service which, although costing a small fortune, is well worth the money if you are a glamper rather than a camper.

Here is my guide to the best festivals for both adults and the little people!

Somersault Festival – 23rd -27th July

In its second year and organised by the same team behind Wilderness, Somersault is a lovely festival. Located in the beautiful setting of North Devon there are some great acts, comedy, and outdoor activities such as paddle boarding , surfing, and coasteering. There are feasts hosted by Fifteen, Valentine Warner, River Cottage and The Ethicurean. Headline acts include Laura Marling, Bombay Bicycle Club and Crystal Fighters. The kids area has an amazing array of free activities. Featured entertainment includes Bassline Circus, Hattie and Flora’s Art Camp, Hartbeeps Happy House and Rhubarb Theatre. If you fancy some peace and quiet then Mortimer Nannies will also be onsite to care for your little ones.


Camp Bestival. – 30th July – 2nd August

Probably the most famous ‘Family Friendly’ festival and winner of Best Family Festival for 4 years, camp Bestival is the sister festival to Bestival. Held in the grounds of Dorset’s Beautiful Lulworth Castle , the setting is magical.

There are far too many fabulous things happening at Camp Bestival to list in this small paragraph but highlights include; The Den – aimed at 13-17 year olds, this brilliant hang out features a Q and A with Professor Green, tutorials on how to make music videos hosted by the BRIT school, festival fashion workshops and late night ‘after hours’ revelry. The Kids itinerary is bursting at the seams – Mr Tumble is there, as are Dick and Dom and The Cat in the Hat live. There is softplay, circus skills, a bouncy castle, bed time stories, a toddlers area, Kids Comedy club and much, much more. For the adults the line- up is also immense, Headline acts include Underworld, Clean Bandit , Kaiser chiefs ,Professor Green and Wretch 32.

There are also a massive selection of DJ’s, Comedy, great food and Theatre.


Standon Calling 31st July – 2nd August

Standon is located in Hertfordshire and is a really intimate venue to see up and coming bands (Florence and Machine, Mumford and Sons, Bastille, Friendly Fires and London Grammar all cut their teeth here), as well as established ones. This year sees Little Dragon, The Dandy Warholes and Basement Jaxx headlining and there are a huge amount of bands over the weekend. Standon holds a 5am licence for you party animals and has its own nightclub ‘The Cowshed’ which features a whole host of amazing DJ’s. This is Standon Calling’s 10th anniversary and they have really gone all out this year, especially with the Kids area. Teaming up with Angel Gardens they have created an amazing array of activities such as Pony Rides, Trapeze lessons, a baby and toddler Tipi garden, campfire stories and sing alongs. There is a chill out space for older kids which features amongst other things – beatboxing lessons, graffiti workshops and DJ masterclasses. There is also ‘the wagon park’ which has a view of the main stage so you can keep one eye on the bands whilst entertaining the little ones. This area includes some amazing activities such as Hobby Horse Making, woodcraft survival classes, pizza making and panning for gold. There is also a heated outdoor swimming pool onsite if you fancy a dip.


Wilderness 6-9th August

Wilderness is an excellent festival balancing great music, gastronomy, debate, late night revelry, theatre, comedy and much more. There are all kind of things going on for the grown ups but the kids area is second to none. This year there will be family workshops held by the V& A museum, face painting by Squiggles and Wiggles, babysitting by Mortimer Nannies, fun and games from the Flying Seagulls and the brilliant Storystock amongst others. For the grown – ups there are numerous debates and talks, Banquets hosted by Angela Hartnett, Niklas Ekstedt and Raymond Blanc and headline music acts such as Bjork and Ben Howard. There is also an outdoor spa, archery, horse riding, wild swimming and a whole lot more!


Book your babysitting at www.mortimernannies.co.uk

Happy Camping xx