Winter Windsor Walking

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I apologise for my lack of blogging lately – I have been trying to wear my supermum knickers and failing miserably – I used to think running the agency would be so easy with a baby at home – WRONG! Jeez . Anyway enough whinging but I apologise – my blogging has been shifted down the list these last few weeks.

We had Sonny’s first birthday at the end of November . I chickened out of having a party – I figured Sonny is too young to know and there is plenty of time yet for screaming children/Colin the clown/softplay carnage etc. We had a lovely day at the Natural History Museum, Sonny loved T- Rex then promptly fell asleep which meant we spent the rest of the afternoon eating cake in the café – always a winner!

Sonny is still off the dairy – we are going to try and introduce it after Christmas – we have finally come off the omeprazole and he seems to be ok , if a little refluxy– hoorah!!! Anyway I made a dairy free chocolate brownie which I will include the recipe for at a later date – obviously it wasn’t as tasty as a butter laden cake (are ‘clean’ recipes ever as tasty?) but it did the job and Sonny loved it –besides he is still of the opinion that a banana is the best thing in the world and that is fine with me!

I am waffling and going off subject now as I always do (a family trait inherited from my nan), but I intend to include a Walking feature at least once a month – I was going to call this feature ‘walk of the week’ but you and I both know that I will never blog every single week so for now it will be ‘walk of the month’ (Subject to change!).

Walking has always been a hobby of mine, I come from Wales so walking up hills tends to be part of daily life. Even when I was a stroppy teenager and my interests were pretty limited to boys, smoking and drinking 99p cider , I still found the time for a stomp round the countryside. I find it a great way of clearing my head and getting my thoughts in order.

When I had my hips operated on and couldn’t really walk far for a few months it pretty much drove me nuts! As much as I am a fan (or used to be when I had the time) of the gym, it just doesn’t compare to being outdoors. I especially love this time of year when it is windy and a little bit bleak.

Walking is a great way to help regain your figure and fitness post baby– you can take baby along, it costs nothing and as long as you both wrap up you can get out in all weathers. If you have a bit of post baby blues and are feeling a bit stir crazy in the house it can also help blow the cobwebs away and clear your head. It may be the last thing you feel like doing but trust me – it will be worth the effort.

All my walks are going to be fine for either a Buggy or Backpack/Sling. I will let you know the difficulty rating, distance and most importantly I will also try and include a Pub stop – if I cannot include wine I will try and point you towards a café for cake!!!


Walk one – Windsor Great Park – Bishops gate loop.

Suitable for Buggy with mostly flat tarmacked road – moderately easy. Distance approximately 7.5 KM (but my phone ran out of juice about a KM from the end – typical J )

Start /Finish (or both) at The Fox and Hounds (postcode TW20 0XU) for a glass of mulled wine or Cider. It’s a cosy pub and is always busy at a weekend so parking can be a bit of a nightmare. During the week it is quiet and the staff are welcoming. The food can be a little ponsey and overpriced if you are just ordering a lunch (I once ordered the ‘artisan bread’ and got a board with some sliced brown bread on it!) However, it’s a fab spot and children are welcome.

Continue through Bishops gate towards Royal Lodge then turn right where the road splits into 2. Walk through the Kissing gate into the deer park. Follow the road and you will soon be able to see fabulous views of Windsor castle to the right and the majestic copper horse to your left ( when Nannying I used to bring a lot of my charges ‘rock climbing’ around the stones of the base of the horse – simple activity but they all loved it). Follow this road and you will exit the deer park – continue straight ahead and pass some houses ,and a small pond on your left and then a farm on your right. At the next crossroads take a left and continue straight ahead at the next cross roads with a pond on either side ( however, if you are in need of a cake and tea break there is a little village shop if you take the left hand road). You will pass the York Club on your left, continue up this hill (this can be quite steep when pushing a buggy) and follow the road(which bears left )you will soon pass a statue of the Queen on horseback on your right.

Stay on this road until it splits again – bear right and then straight ahead up the hill passing a row of pretty houses to your right and then the village school. Again up a short steep hill passing Cumberland lodge on your right. At the top of the hill you will see a lovely large house (The Chaplain’s lodge) to your left – take the right road passing the horsetrack to your left and then take the left and the crossroads. This will bring you back to the entrance of Royal Lodge so turn right, head to the pub and get some much needed wine J.


Hopefully my route is easy to follow and you won’t get lost.


Happy walking – I would love to hear how you get on and any ideas for future walks xx


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