Treasure Baskets


I promise I am not going to fill this blog with complex elaborate activities as I know you don’t have the time or the inclination and frankly neither do I! I did loads of super duper Blue Peter worthy arts and crafts when I was a Nanny and learnt that actually kids are more happy doing the simple things. They will be happy to be spending time with you so chill out and don’t go getting stressed out (I once witnessed a Dad channelling his inner Gaudi and trying to build a cathedral out of toilets rolls, the child had long since lost interest).

Anyway this is not technically crafty but I guess it is an activity of sorts.

The treasure basket concept was inspired by Elinor Goldschmeid and is a simple idea focussing baby’s attention away from plastic (which offers little sensory stimulation). Babies tend to learn by engaging their senses and a treasure basket is a great way to nurture and encourage their curiosity. It really is a cheap and simple thing to do with your baby. I find it so sweet watching Sonny rummage through his basket. He actually now gets super excited when he sees it coming out and will sit, play and explore for a good 30 minutes before getting bored. His favourite 2 items are the loofah and ribbon. I know it’s pretty obvious so please forgive the government warning but it’s important to stay close to your baby whilst they are playing with the basket to avoid choking, entanglement etc. Anyway, patronizing advice over here is what our treasure basket contains;

2 pine cones (1 large, 1 small)

Large spool of ribbon

Wooden spoon


Double sided wooden nail brush/ pumice stone

Wooden blocks


Furry pencil case

We have had this for a few weeks now so I will probably mix things up a bit (wow how wild am I ?!) soon.

Use your imagination and include a good selection of household/everyday items with a range of textures, sizes and shapes.

Some ideas include;

Feathers, Sponge, Bottle Brush, PomPoms, Leather, seashells, keys and different fabrics. If you have any ideas to share with me I would love to hear them!

Happy treasuring xx


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