Weaning Part 2

As we started weaning early we don’t necessarily move onto anything ‘hardcore’ during this month, towards the end of the month I started introducing some Gluten free porridge (which I blitzed in water beforehand with the blender then cooked with breastmilk), but other than that we just stuck to organic fruit, veg and baby rice. We also started introducing a 3rd meal (lunch) towards the end of the month. When I say ‘meal’ I am not meaning a 3 course slap up feast, more like 2 or 3 spoonfuls. Again I found Ella’s kitchen products indispensable for when we were out and about or a bit pushed for time.

I really noticed that Sonny was starting to enjoy his food and was beginning to make a chewing motion with his mouth – I would gradually increase the consistency of his baby rice through the month to encourage this. Some tastes he would be unsure of and would actually refuse to open his mouth and bat the spoon away. We would then just leave it and try the same food at the next ‘meal’ time. It is worth persevering as apparently babies need to try new tastes at least 15 times before they decide whether they like them or not (although Sonny made his mind up pretty quickly that he liked Avocado, Pear and peaches!).

Sonny was still taking his 4 bottles of milk a day at this stage. We would have our first ‘meal’ after the first milk, lunch around 11.30 after his second milk and dinner around 5pm between milk feeds.

Day 31

AM – Carrot and Potato

PM – Pear and Rice

Day 32

AM – Carrot and Potato

PM – Pear and Rice (*Poos are tending to be bright orange after carrot)

Day 33

AM – Parsnip and Potato (Didn’t eat much)

PM – Avocado

Day 34

AM Parsnip and Rice

PM – Avocado

Day 35

AM Parsnip (loved the parsnip this morning)

PM Rice and Pear

Day 36

AM -Peach, Pear and Rice

PM-  Parsnip, Courgette and Rice

Day 37

AM-  Parsnip and Courgette (didn’t eat much)

PM –  Peaches and baby rice

Day 38

AM  – Avocado

PM –  Parsnip. Peaches and Rice

Day 39

AM –  Butternut squash and Parsnip

PM –  Banana, Peaches and Rice

Day 40

AM –  Butternut Squash (not keen)

PM –  Banana Peaches and Rice

Day 41

AM  – Butternut squash (again closed mouth – not keen)

LUNCH – Parsnip

PM – Rice, Pear and Peaches

Day 42

AM –  Parsnip (not too keen this morn)

LUNCH – Blended gluten free oats, breastmilk, peaches and pear (bit unsure of texture)

PM – Butternut squash and rice

Day 43

AM –  Porridge (as above)

LUNCH – Carrot, courgette and Potato

PM – Rice and Pear

Day 44

AM  – Porridge (didn’t have much)

LUNCH – Pear, Peach and baby rice

PM – Avocado

Day 45

AM –  Porridge and banana

LUNCH – Sweet potato, carrot and broccoli (hated this !!)

PM – Tried above again (no joy) so had Pear, Peach and rice (uh oh – I hope not developing a sweet tooth)

Day 46

AM  – Broccoli, Carrot and sweet potato (seems to be warming to it a little)

LUNCH – Avocado

PM – Rice and Pear

Day 47

AM  – Porridge, Banana and pear

LUNCH – Broccoli, Carrot and sweet potato

PM – Rice and pear

Day 48

AM –  Broccoli, Parsnip and Sweet Potato

LUNCH – Carrot Pear and peas

PM – Rice Banana and Pear

Day 49

AM  – Butternut squash and rice

LUNCH – Ella’s Peas (loved)

PM – Pear and Rice

Day 50

AM  – Oatmeal and Pear

LUNCH – Peas

PM – Broccoli, Peas, pear and rice

Day 51

AM –  Peaches, banana and rice

LUNCH – Peas

PM – Mango, peaches, banana and rice

Day 52

AM –  Porridge and Mango (quite refluxy/sick after – mangos???)

LUNCH – Parsnip

PM- Peas, Courgette and Rice

Day 53

AM  – Rice, Peaches and Pears

LUNCH – Courgette, peas and potato

PM – Avocado

Day 54 – AM Rice, peaches and pear (ate loads!)

LUNCH – Carrots, potato and Peas

PM – Green beans and rice

Day 55

AM –  Pear and rice

LUNCH – Green beans, potato and peas

PM – Sweet potato, carrot

Day 56

AM –  Pear and rice

LUNCH – Avocado

PM – Courgette and rice

Day 57

AM  – Banana, Apricot and rice

LUNCH – Carrot, peas and pear

PM- Avocado and rice

Day 58

AM –  Rice, banana and apricot

LUNCH – Broccoli, Peas and pear

PM – Carrots, broccoli, peas pear and rice

Day 59

AM – Porridge with banana and pear

LUNCH – Green beans and rice

PM – Avocado blended with milk

Day 60

AM –  Rice, pear and peach

LUNCH – Squash and parsnip

PM – Avocado


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