Stretch Marks.

rosehip oil

I didn’t get a single stretch mark during my pregnancy and before you think I am being smug, I most definitely am not! I have loads of marks from suddenly sprouting boobs and hips at the age of 12 so I thought I was going to be prone to them. I realise I am probably being quite vain but this was one of the things that scared me most about pregnancy.

Because of this phobia I invested in some heavy-duty oils and basted myself like a turkey every morning and evening from day one. Whether or not this prevented the onset of marks I don’t know although I am convinced it did. (I have read reports that oils and moisturizers make no difference whatsoever but I’m not sure!)

I have always been pretty rubbish at using body moisturizer, I am far too impatient and don’t like standing around getting cold whilst it sinks in. In this case though I made sure I created a little ritual – I would apply the oil in the morning whilst in the shower and again before bed. Here is the recipe for my little concoction – this is not a promotional post and I am sure most oils high in vitamin E would also work well.

Buy a travel bottle or use an empty pump dispenser and fill it with;

6 parts Bio Oil

2 parts Trilogy Rosehip oil (Apparently the + version is even better but is more expensive so I didn’t try it)

2 parts Argan Oil

Shake and apply – voila!

When I ran out I would just use standard coconut oil which you will hear me harp on about a LOT in this blog!

As soon as Sonny was born I promptly abandoned this ritual as during the first couple of months I barely had time to wipe my own backside. My boobs therefore now look like 2 overbaked jacket potatoes (Microwaved ones at that)! So I am making it my June 24th resolution to restart.

I will leave you with that gorgeous image.

Happy basting xx


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